Below is a list of commonly asked questions:


1. What are Nail Strips?

Our Nail Strips are 100% real nail polish, that can be easily applied within minutes. No heat or drying time is required. Each Strip has base, colour and topcoat all in one! They are 95% dry and sealed in a foil package, keeping it in that state until you ready ready to apply your manicure.

Once opened, we have had luck using the Strips weeks later providing they are immediately resealed back into the foil package and kept in a zip lock bag or by very carefully using hair irons or a heat sealer to seal the foil package.

2. Are all your Nail Strips 100% real nail polish?

Yes, with the exception of the Holographic and Metal collections.

3. How long do the nail strips last?

We thoroughly test all our Strips and find that they last between 7 - 14 days depending on how hard you are on your hands and nails. To get the most out of your strips; we recommend applying a top coat, gel top coat or Clear Nail Strip to prolong their life.

Note: Some top coats do not react well to Strips, so always test it on ONE nail and wait to see that it does not cause any cracking/peeling or lifting before applying to the rest of your manicure.

We have our own top coat brand launching in the coming months so watch this space. 

4. Can I use these on my Acrylic/SNS/Gel nails?

Yes! As our Strips are 100% nail polish, they can be used on all nail types.

5. Is heat or drying time required?

No, none at all. Thats why we love them so much. They do need up to an hour to be completely set to the nail, but they are completely dry to the touch straight out of the packaging and will never smear or smudge.

6.How do I remove them?

As they are made from nail polish, they are easily removed using nail polish remover. 

7. Are your Strips Vegan and cruelty free?

We are proudly cruelty free. And, all our products are Vegan in nature.

8. Are your trips safe from harmful chemicals?

All of our nail polish Strips are 10 Free, which means that they are entirely free of 10 of the most toxic ingredients found in most nail polishes.

We are free from the following chemicals:

Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Triphenyl Phosphate, Parabens, Acetone, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP. and Camphor

9. Can your Nail Strips be used on children?

They are considered a cosmetic product and although they are non toxic, parents should exercise caution in determining whether their child is old enough to not accidentally swallow or consume any part of the Strip.

10. Do you ship internationally?

We sure do. Simply add your products to the cart and checkout.

Some countries may levy import and/or customs duties when products are imported into the country. Please be aware of local laws in your country as Starlit cannot be help responsible for these charges.

11. What is your Return Policy?

We want you to be 100% happy. Simply return any item purchased within 30 days for an exchange. Please make sure the items are unopened and unused and in a re-saleable condition.

12. Can I get a refund or exchange?

We offer exchanges for any item within 30 days. We offer a full refund for any items that are faulty. 

13. Can I cancel my order?

All orders are considered final. But reach out to us if you have a concern regarding your purchase.

14. How do I contact you?

 We prefer email - hello@starlit.com.au

15. How long does delivery take?

We dispatch all orders received before 12pm the same day. Orders received after 12pm are dispatched the following day (On weekends or public holidays, it's the following business day). Delivery can take 1 -10 business days depending on where you live.

16. Do you price-match?

We try to remain as competitive as possible, but not all products are like for like. But reach out to us and we will accommodate you if we can.

17. Do you have any hints and tips?

We sure do! These can be found here

18. Do you have any application instructions?

Yes we do! These can be found here