About Us

We all love to feel our best and it's hard to find time for ourselves. When we step out of a Hair Dresser, we all feel like a new person and we wish we could get that feeling at home, quickly and affordably.

Its not so easy to do that with your Hair; but now you can - with your Nails!

If your morning is off to a rough start; something as simple as doing your Nails can brighten any day. 

We have been long time Nail Strip addicts; we've tried them all and we love them all. Now the time has come to bring high quality products to Australia; where we focus on Customer Service, Quality Assurance & the best overall Customer Experience.

We are always looking for new ideas and new designs, so if you have any ideas you would like to make a reality, just reach out to us.

We are a family run business and we operate from the Sunny shores of Sydney, and all stock ships from our Sydney Headquarters.