About Us

Hi! I’m Lana. I’m a mum of 2 crazy (but adorable) boys and as much as I have come to appreciate LEGO and nerf guns, I need a good dose of glitter and sparkle in my life..and so Starlit was born! We are a family run business and we operate from the sunny shores of Sydney, and all stock ships from our Sydney Headquarters. 

We all like to feel our best and it's hard to find time for ourselves. When we step out of a Hair Salon, we all feel like a new person and we wish we could get that feeling at home, quickly and affordably.

Its not so easy to do that with your Hair; but now you can - with your Nails! 

If your day is off to a rough start; something as simple as doing your Nails can make your day feel that little bit brighter, however it’s not easy to get a perfect manicure with traditional nail polish. I am a qualified beauty therapist and I have to admit that I can’t paint my own nails to save my life! Even if I miraculously managed to paint them nicely, I would always manage to smudge them before they had a chance to dry.  And then one day I discovered nail wraps! Yay!   

I am now a self confessed long time Nail Strip/wrap addict; I’ve tried them all and I love them all and now my goal is to bring high quality products to Australia; where we focus on Customer Service, Quality Assurance & the best overall Customer Experience. 

So if having fabulous nails is something you enjoy then you’ve come to the right place! ❤️