Application Instructions of Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps

How to apply our Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps:

We found the simple illustration below best describes how to apply the Gel Nail Wraps. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us here

Below are our Tips for the best application:

Keep sealed until use as exposure to light will harden the nail wraps. Reseal Leftovers immediately with included sticker.

First things first! Push back those cuticles using the included wooden cuticle stick included in your kit. Then clean your nails well using the included alcohol wipe. Don’t skip this step! This is the key to the longest lasting manicure possible.

Make sure that the Wraps are not touching skin or cuticles. It’s always better to size down slightly rather than to use a wrap that is too large.

Smooth the gel wrap down on to the nail and use your finger to apply pressure to make sure it’s adhered well to the nail.

Use the rubber cuticle pusher included In Your order to gently flatten the edges to ensure they won’t lift prematurely. Once that’s done it’s time to cure them under your uv/led lamp!


How to remove our Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps:


Removal! Okay we had a great thing going but I think it’s time to move on.. how do I remove these things?

Don’t worry, this break up will be quick and painless! The trick to getting damage free removal is to never EVER peel them off..as tempting as it can be. Remember that wooden cuticle stick that you used to push your cuticles back before application? Grab your wooden stick plus some olive/coconut oil or cuticle oil.

Gently lift a corner of your gel wrap to break the seal and start working the oil under the wrap using the wooden stick until it’s entirely off.