Application Instructions and Hints & Tips

How to best apply our Strips:

We found the simple illustration below best describes to apply the Nail Polish Strips. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us here

Below are our Tips for the best application:

1. Push back cuticles and wipe well with the included alcohol wipe; to remove any dirt, oils or lotions (make sure that the Strips are not touching skin or cuticles, as this will cause the Strips to lift and/or crack).

2. The best time to apply your strips is at nighttime before bed (and after a bath/shower). Even though the Strips are completely dry to the touch, the adhesive still needs a couple of hours to fully cure. It's best not to wash your hands/apply lotions for an hour or two after application.

3. If you want to apply at any other time of the day thats perfect too! Just avoid washing your hands for an hour or two after application. If you do wash your hands soon after application, the strips should still stay on, but you may get more tip wear than you would have otherwise.

4. Always file in a downwards motion only and try not to file off too much at the tip (this can sometimes happen depending on how you angle the file). Strips can sometimes shrink slightly, like regular nail polish does when it dries and if you angle the file too far forward, it can look like you already have the tip wear on the first day.

5. As our Strips are made from 100% real nail polish, try to avoid being too hard on your nails and using your nails as "tools". If you do a lot of cleaning/washing up, try to use gloves to get the best longevity out of your manicure.

You can also apply a Top Coat or a Gel Top Coat (although this isn't necessary). Some people find this helps their manicure last much longer. We also have a clear strip that we like to use as a Top Coat which works great and can be found here.

NOTE: Some Top Coats do not react well to strips, so always test it on ONE nail and wait to see that it does not cause any cracking/peeling or lifting before applying to the rest of your manicure.

6. Our Metallic and Holographic strips look ahhhmazing, however some people find them slightly more difficult to apply than our regular strips. We have found that the best way to get a smooth application is to warm these up slightly before application by holding the foil package between your hands for a minute or two. Our other tip is to use a smaller size strip than you normally would. 

Look out for our instruction video coming soon!